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7 December 2021

playing hours

Please note that our current playing hours are:

That amounts to 5 or 6 court-hours each Monday on two or three courts.

We have a firm booking on two courts; we will book the third court ad hoc if it's available. In short, we will tune our use of the third court to the demand on the night.

Written by Gordon Kirk on 7Dec2021.

7 December 2021

play over Christmas 2021

Our last day of play in 2021 will be 20th December. We start 2022 on Monday 10th January.

Written by Gordon Kirk on 24Nov2021, updated 7Dec2021.

14 September 2021

playing hours

Please note that our current booked playing hours are:

That amounts to 5.5 court-hours each Monday on three courts.

If we find that we need more or fewer hours we can change them.

Written by Gordon Kirk on 14Sep2021.

31 August 2021

AGM 2021 - new date

we've decided to hold the AGM on the following Monday (ie: 13Sep2021). All other details as before.
Apologies for any inconvenience.

Written by Gordon Kirk on 31Aug2021.

24 August 2021

AGM 2021

We propose to hold this year's AGM on 6th September 2021 at 8pm.
We'll suspend play for the AGM.

The agenda will be:

  1. Chairman's Report
  2. Treasurer's Report
    The circulated finance report is relevant.
    See "9123 20210825 finance report v02.pdf"
  3. Membership and subscriptions
    The circulated paper is an updated version of what I have proposed before.
    It has been amended to take account of comments made by Members.
    See "9122 20210812 proposed payments.pdf".
  4. Appointment of Officers and Committee Members
    Alan is prepared to continue as Chairman.
    Gordon is prepared to continue as Treasurer.
    Gordon is prepared to continue as Secretary but would welcome anyone else taking on the role.
  5. Social Functions
    To be discussed.
  6. AOB

Written by Gordon Kirk on 24Aug2021.

19 July 2021

play from 19 July 2021

From tonight, play is from 6:30 until 9:00pm.

We shall have only one court for the first half hour and then two courts. If we need another court and it's available we can have have that too.

Written by Gordon Kirk on 19Jul2021.

11 May 2021

play from 17 May 2021

We are able to restart playing badminton on 17May2021 (next Monday).

For the next five weeks at least, this will be subject to the rules that applied last autumn, so you need to email me in advance if you want to play. After that, I hope we shall be able to play as normal.

Play will be from 7pm until 9pm.

We are now being charged more so we have to raise subs. Short-term, the charge will be £5 a week. When we see better what our membership count is we can decide new fees at the AGM.

Payment will continue to be via your account; don't bring cash. Most people are in credit; I'll let you know when you need to top up your account. If you need a statement, just ask.

Looking forward to seeing you again on Monday. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me.

Written by Gordon Kirk on 11May2021.

18 March 2021

return to play, 17 May 2021

We should be able to play badminton again as determined by the Government's time plan as follows.