Ledbury Badminton Club

Do you play singles or doubles?
We aim to play doubles - often mixed. However, if there's a court free and just two players waiting then we do play singles.
Are there any instructors?
We do not have any instructors. You need to have played before but we find people improve simply by playing and observing.
Is there a league?
We do not run a league. Our aim is to play simply for fun.
Need I come for the entire two and half hour session?
Please come for as much or as little of the session as you like. Some people stay for the whole time but many come later and some leave earlier.
What do I need to bring?
The club provides shuttlecocks; please bring your own racket and non-marking shoes (ie: without black soles). There is a water cooler in the upstairs canteen where you can refill your water bottle.
How many courts are there?
We have one, two, or three courts starting with one. We have more courts if there are more people.
Can I be sure of getting a game?
We operate a simple system to ensure everyone gets a fair chance to play. We try to ensure we have picked the next set of players before a court comes free so that the courts are in pretty much constant use.
Which scoring system is used?
We use the 21-point system which dates back to 2006.