Ledbury Badminton Club

What are the costs?

At present, we have a simple system for subscriptions. This may be changed by the AGM.

We don't use cash; we use bank transfers. The Treasurer maintains Members' accounts based on the Members' Register.

  1. No booking is required; Members should show they have attended by ticking the Members' Register.
  2. A Member must be in credit when they play; otherwise they are temporarily a non-Member (which costs more). This is to encourage payment.
  3. Members pay £5.
  4. Juniors (under 21) pay half.
  5. Non-Members (including temporary non-Members) pay £6.
  6. Cash payments are at the non-Member rate. Cash payments are direct to the Treasurer. This would be only for occasional players and juniors.
  7. Members are encouraged to pay by standing order on the first of the month at £20 a month (£10pm for juniors).

Standing Orders and other payments should be made payable to "Ledbury Badminton Club" whose account at Lloyds Bank is 30-94-14 00242684. They should be paid during the first week of the month.

If at any time you want a statement of your account, ask the Treasurer.