Ledbury Badminton Club

What are the costs?

A player is either a Member or a Visitor. As a Member, you have a choice of two tariffs (A and B as below).

  • Tariff A
    You pay an annual membership subscription of £144 and no weekly sub.
    You may pay an initial lump sum or pay 12 equal instalments by Standing Order. If you become a Member part way through the membership year, you pay a monthly amount pro rated to the number of months in which you are a member.
  • Tariff B
    You pay an annual membership subscription of £30 and a weekly attendance sub of £4.
  • A Visitor pays a weekly attendance fee of £6.
  • Juniors pay half these rates. A Junior is someone aged 21 or less.

The Club's accounting year runs from the start of September until the end of August. The membership year runs from the start of October until the end of September. Subscription rates are set by the AGM in September.

If you are a Member, you are a Member for the membership year. Should you leave the Club during a membership year, your subscriptions are due until the end of that year. The only exception is death.

Standing Orders should be made payable to "Ledbury Badminton Club" whose account at Lloyds Bank is 30-94-14 00242684. They should be paid during the first week of the month. If you need a form to set this up, please ask.